Harrowing Of Hell
December 21, 2022


Summary of the December WRG meeting by Lead Valerie Conn:

Img 5840The December Women’s Group Retreat was well attended, with 15 women participating despite the World Cup game being broadcast at the same time. Following the Hour by Hour practice, we read the Day by Day lead passage about betrayal. The discussion was far ranging from how to move on from a situation of betrayal, to how to forgive someone who has betrayed you. One of the related topics that surfaced was about the complexity of family dynamics, especially the mother-daughter relationship. Here is an article that was shared: Your Mom Is Destined to Annoy You – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Img 5842Sherman Griffin, Chair of the Music at Epiphany Board, and a longtime member of Epiphany Choir, joined us to describe the landscape of music at Epiphany. Sherman shared a slide about the many ways music engages parishioners and the broader community, and how it can serve as an entry point to Epiphany.  

Sherman challenged us to consider how does the intersection of God and music affect us? Women in the audience shared their stories of the role of music in their own development and spiritual practice. We learned more about the upcoming concerts and holiday evensongs, as well as about Epiphany choir, choristers, podcasts, and the Epiphany Music Academy. 

Img 5843In addition to the many upcoming services and concerts during the holiday season, Sherman quoted from the book by cognitive neuroscientist Susan Rogers “This Is What It Sounds Like: What the Music You Love Says About You” about how deeply wired for music we humans are. 

Thanks to Valerie Conn for leading the retreat, and for Katrina Hawking for organizing the food.


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