Harrowing Of Hell
October 1, 2022

Haiti Micah’s Father Constant Honored for his Work

The Reverend Joseph M. Constant, founder and president of the Haiti Micah Project, was honored this past Thursday when he received a 2022 United States President’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The Haiti Micah Project is one of Epiphany’s long-standing ministry partners, and our parish can rejoice at Father Constant’s well-deserved recognition for his devotion to desperately poor children in Haiti. Read more about the award at this link.

Poor children in Haiti are rarely safe, well-fed, or adequately clothed, but in a recent newsletter, Father Constant described how rising fuel and food costs are making matters much worse. At Haiti Micah’s orphanage, home for thirty or so children, daily meals have been cut from three to two. Haiti Micah’s community feeding program, which provided a daily hot meal to more than 400 destitute children, has also been drastically reduced.

Father Constant will visit Epiphany on Sunday, January 15, 2023. Please do plan to attend services that day to hear him preach!