Harrowing Of Hell
September 24, 2022

Service & Outreach Parishioner Grants Awarded

Epiphany’s Service & Outreach Team recently awarded six grants in support of nonprofit organizations nominated by Epiphany parishioners.
One organization receiving funding is the Refugee Artisan Initiative in Lake City, where parishioner Ed Emerson is an ardent volunteer. The RAI, which happened to be featured in the September 19 Seattle Times, trains refugee women to manufacture products “upcycled” from materials ranging from surplus Tommy Bahama fabrics to used firehose and foil coffee bags. Ed secured a $2500 grant to purchase industrial sewing machines for RAI programs.
Five other organizations also received grants: Books and Bricks, $2500 for university scholarships for students in Kenya, nominated by Tom Holfold. St. Vincent DePaul, $500, for food and personal needs of people living in RVs on city streets, nominated by Joel Putnam. Safe Crossings, $2000 for grief counseling for children who have lost a parent or close loved one, nominated by Karen Summerville. Ronald McDonald House, $1000 for meals for families whose children are receiving care at Seattle Children’s Hospital, nominated by Audrey Seale. ELWA Ministries, $1500 in scholarship aid for children attending the ELWA K-12 school in Liberia, nominated by Clip Kniffin.
Service & Outreach first offered Parishioner Grants last year when our first online Have a Heart fundraiser provided a bit more than enough to meet the needs of Epiphany’s primary ministry partners. Parishioner Grants will be allocated in future years if sufficient funds are available. These grants prove again how the extraordinary generosity of Epiphany Parish makes a real difference in the lives of our neighbors. Thank you, Epiphany!