Harrowing Of Hell
February 13, 2022

Epiphany’s Partners in Jerusalem: Have A Heart 2022

Every February, the Service & Outreach Committee invites the parish to the annual “Have a Heart” celebration following a beautiful Choral Evensong service. This event is the main fundraiser for all of Epiphany’s outreach ministries. This year, Bishop Greg is Epiphany’s guest, highlighting our partners in the Holy Land. You can watch the full service and celebration at this link.
A video presentation compiled by Epiphany’s Service & Outreach team to highlight the work and impact of the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem.
Your donation directly supports our community partners such as Operation Nightwatch, Teen Feed, YWCA, Haiti Micah, Nicolas Fund for Education and AFEDJ.
Have A Heart Sunday School
Love hearts made by the children of Epiphany during Sunday School
The expression of God’s love through outreach happens in many ways at Epiphany. We feed and house the homeless; we fill and fund food banks, and we help people find homes. We also teach, and we create opportunities for the shared worship of God. The genesis for all service at Epiphany Parish comes through the energy of individuals seeking to live into God’s vision for creation. You can learn more about Epiphany’s Service & Outreach ministries and partnerships at this link.