Harrowing Of Hell
November 20, 2021

Update on Epiphany’s Sponsorship of an Afghan Refugee Family

The Diocese just connected us with a family from Afghanistan with whom we met last week. They have been here about a month and are living temporarily at an Airbnb, but should be in longer term housing by mid-December. They are a lovely family of six—the parents, two 10 year old twin girls, an 8 year old boy, and a 3 ½ year old boy. The father speaks English. He worked for the Afghan Ministry of Defense (supported by the U.S.), and then at the U.S. Embassy, before Kabul fell in August. Our many Epiphany volunteers are starting to work to help the family with their many needs. 
If you are not already on our volunteer list and are interested in working with this family, please email Sherilyn Peterson at speterson@perkinscoie.com or Michael Fraas at fraasm@gmail.com. There are some things that the family could use that have not already been donated: printer, cellphone, ChromeBooks (or the equivalent) for the kids, and household goods.
They also have financial needs until the father can become employed, including rent and other necessities. Right now, they are living in a rent-free Airbnb, but that will change when they move into low-income housing and have to pay for rent and provision an entire household. This family left Kabul with literally the clothes on their backs after a harrowing and dangerous trek through Taliban checkpoints to the airport.
If you are interested in donating financially: on Epiphany’s website, click here and select “Afghan Sponsorship” in the drop-down menu or send a check made out to Epiphany with Afghan Sponsorship in the memo line. We and the family are so grateful for the outpouring of support from Epiphany.