Harrowing Of Hell
October 9, 2021

Epiphany is Supporting a Refugee Family from Afghanistan

We are faced with an historic opportunity to make a difference in the lives of refugees from Afghanistan. Epiphany will be working with the Diocese of Olympia to sponsor an Afghan family. But we need your help. Please join parishioners Sherilyn Peterson and Michael Fraas to assist with this initiative.
We have scheduled an informational meeting with Kristen King, Community Co-Sponsor Developer of the Diocese of Olympia’s Refugee Resettlement Office, on Sunday October 17, 2021 at 12:30pm in the Great Hall. Kristen will educate us about the needs of the family and the steps we can take to best support them.
Examples of some of the things we would provide as a sponsor include: meeting the family at the airport, preparing a welcome meal, providing a household welcome kit and apartment furnishings, assisting with social security applications, helping with introductions to grocery shopping and transit, financial support, help with job applications and transportation to medical appointments, and much more. 
We hope to see you on October 17th. If you have questions or to join by Zoom, contact Michael Fraas at (603) 520-4874 or fraasm@gmail.com, or Sherilyn Peterson at (206) 979 1786 or SPeterson@perkinscoie.com. Whether or not you are able to attend the meeting, let us know your interest and the assistance that you are able to provide.