Harrowing Of Hell
May 22, 2021

Gaza Still Needs Our Support

The Service & Outreach team recently sent a gift of $25,000 to American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ). Here is a word of thanks from John Lent, Executive Director of AFEDJ. For the latest updates from Gaza, see this recent post on AFEDJ’s Facebook page.
Dear Epiphany Community,
American Friends received Epiphany’s extraordinary gifts in support of the Jerusalem Princess Basma Center and Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza. Thank you for your caring, your generosity and your leadership in our shared mission in the Holy Land. I want to make sure everyone in your church family understands how far a gift like yours goes in sustaining the work of this remarkable center for children with disabilities and this hospital that perseveres in the appalling conditions of Gaza.
Of course it’s a challenge to establish personal relationships with the people you’re helping in Palestine. Please know this: The people you support know who you are and are deeply grateful for your prayers and your financial help. When I visit the Middle East, the leaders and staff of these institutions tell me that they hold you in their prayers and send their warmest thanks and blessings.
Thank you Epiphany. We are grateful for your friendship.
John Lent
AFEDJ Executive Director