Harrowing Of Hell
February 12, 2021

This Lent, Challenge Yourself with Morning Prayer

Dear Epiphany,

I want to invite you to the 2021 Lenten Morning Prayer Challenge!  Here is how you can turn your Lent from a time of joy to a grueling exercise that feels like running through purgatory wearing lead boots—Morning Prayer.

Just kidding. Actually, what I promise is that the invitation to daily morning prayer through the season of Lent will be a sublime, refreshing, interesting experience that will draw you more deeply into the Anglican tradition, the Bible, the Epiphany community, and your own soul. 

Here are four ways to get engaged:

  • Participate in daily Morning Prayer on Zoom, Monday–Friday (7:30–8:00 am) and Saturday (8:30–9:00 am). Email Diane Carlisle at verger@epiphanyseattle.org for the link. This is a community of Epiphany parishioners that prays Morning Prayer together using Zoom. All of the prayers and Bible readings are shared via screen share.
  • Download A Morning at the Office, produced by Forward Day by Day, and pray along with Mtr. Lisa Meirow and Fr. Wiley Ammons. You will need The Book of Common Prayer and a Bible. They use the NRSV edition. I use this particular App every day when I pray Morning Prayer.
  • Go to epiphanyseattle.org/morningprayer2021 and watch my Morning Prayer instructional video, and download the instruction sheet, and colored book markers. You will need The Book of Common Prayer and a Bible.
  • Do it yourself. There is no better way to experience Morning Prayer than to open The Book of Common Prayer to page 75 and get started.  The instructions are actually quite clear, and the only complement you need is a Bible.

On February 28, I will be teaching a class during the Sunday 10:00 am forum on Morning Prayer.  My video for the class can be found on our website at the link above. Also, it will be sent out on Monday, February 22, as study prep for the class on the 28th. 

Please consider this invitation to join the Parish in a tried-and-true pattern of prayer. I sense that this ancient tradition of prayer will be a vehicle for our common spiritual renewal as we move from a time of pandemic cloister to the bright age of the Holy Spirit.

Peace upon your souls.