Harrowing Of Hell
February 6, 2021

COVID-19 Protocol Update

Dear Epiphany,

The spiritual journey is a wide path separated by narrow passages. It makes me think of the deep caverns carved by running water in Monument State Park, Utah; or the cathedrals carved by hand below ground by monks in Ethiopia; or the wind-ripped gullies that shaped the sacred places of Petra. What is so beautiful about this imagery, at least for me, is that everybody is at a different place on this path, and everybody is at the perfect place for him/her on this path at this moment in time. The only thing I hope for each one of you is that your feet are moving. We were not made to be static on this spiritual journey.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a journey as well, and we find ourselves at different places at different moments in time. Some think very little about the virus, others are generally cautious in their encounters, and some are completely paralyzed by fear. I hear great optimism from some quarters, and from others angst about mutations. Some have received the shot and are out their door like a shot. Others have received the shot and are still hunkering down to avoid the 5% chance of still falling ill. Everyone has an opinion, most of which coincide with their own behavior.

As you might imagine, I hear many of these opinions, and I am happy for that. As you know, I am no scientist, and so, I made the decision when the pandemic broke, just to do what the Governor allows us to do. So far that has proved effective enough for us. There have been zero instances of the virus spreading through any activities that have taken place at Epiphany Parish. I credit the good protocols set up a by the State, and the excellent execution of such by our volunteers and staff. And so, we will continue on as we have been, by doing what the Governor says we can do, and not doing with the Governor says we can’t do. We will follow the protocols carefully, and execute them effectively. Some folks will feel comfortable with that strategy, and others won’t… and that’s okay. It’s a journey. We are all at different places on the path.

But the good news is that this pandemic will pass, and we will be back together soon, very soon. And things will be back to normal, and yet things will be different from they way they were before. That is always the case as people move along on their spiritual journey. We have a lot of wonderful things planned for how we will celebrate the reconvening of the congregation, and we also have some very interesting ideas that will come to fruition around worship and education this fall. Stay tuned.

I know I haven’t talked to many, many of you for a long time. It used to be the case that I would see 300 to 400 of you every Sunday. That is no longer our reality. It will be again soon. But until then, please be assured that you are in my prayers, and not a day goes by that I do not think about the sum of who we are as a neighborhood parish. I’m deeply devoted to the strength of our congregation, and our capacity to carry the message of Jesus Christ to the world.

I ask for your prayers for me and for Epiphany’s staffing and for the congregation and for the city and for the nation.

Thank you for your faithfulness and support.

Peace upon your souls.