Harrowing Of Hell

The Reverend Lex Breckinridge

Assisting Priest

Lex grew up in the small town of Beckley WV and was educated at St Paul’s School, the University of
North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the Tulane University School of Law where he met Zonnie, the love of his life,
in the law school library. They were married at the end of their first year, and after graduation they remained in
New Orleans to practice law, raise three children, and actively engage in the life and ministry of Trinity Church. A
cradle Episcopalian, Lex had long experienced a pull to ordained ministry which had become increasingly
insistent. After 16 years in the practice of law, that pull became a vocational calling so with Zonnie’s
encouragement, the family moved to Austin TX where Lex entered the Seminary of the Southwest. Upon
graduation and ordination in 1998, they remained in Austin where Lex served as a parish priest and rector and
as the Chaplain and Religious Studies Instructor at an Episcopal high school.

In 2009, Lex and Zonnie took another leap of faith and headed out to the Great Northwest, a land
heretofore unknown to them, where Lex had been called as the Rector of St Thomas, Medina. After 12 years of
service in that loving and grace-filled community, Lex retired in September 2021. In retirement, Lex and Zonnie
continue to live in Bellevue and are enjoying traveling to be with their children and grandchildren in New
Orleans, Austin, and Ballard. When not chasing grandchildren, Lex and Zonnie enjoy recreational and cultural
travel, literature, music of all kinds, cooking, wine, good company, hiking, skiing, and simply being in the beauty
of this glorious corner of the Created Order. They are delighted to be part of the Epiphany community.