Harrowing Of Hell

Diane Carlisle

Executive Assistant to the Rector & Director of Worship

Diane joined Epiphany as a staff member in 2012.

Diane Carlisle and her husband, Terry, have been active members of Epiphany since 1982. They live on their boat, Exodus. Diane graduated from the University of Washington in 1982 and spent the next 32 years in the education field. Diane joined the Epiphany staff in 2012 as the part time liturgical coordinator and moved into her current position in 2015. Diane has a passion for liturgy and serves as the organizer of worship services and worship ministries. In addition to producing the various worship liturgies and serving as Head Verger Diane works with couples planning their weddings and people planning funerals for their loved ones. Diane also manages the spaces used at Epiphany from everyday renters to one time users. She works with a dedicated team to make sure the office runs smoothly and helps parishioners and other staff members in any way she can. In her spare time Diane is an avid hiker. She loves combining travel and hiking by leading walking pilgrimages in England.