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Annual Appeal: Living Our Values at Epiphany

During this time of the year, you will be asked to prayerfully make your 2023 pledge to Epiphany Seattle. The season will kick off with a sermon by Doyt+ at the morning services on October 9 and will conclude with a day to gather our prayers on November 13.

Our goal is 100% participation, no matter the size of your giving. The vitality of our pledge drive is an important signal of the life and influence of the life of this parish in the city of Seattle.

This year’s theme is LOVE, or “Living Our Values at Epiphany.”


A Message from the Rector

It is with great joy and excitement that I return from sabbatical energized, to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, Living Our Values at Epiphany. It is all about LOVE! It is LOVE and only LOVE that will save the world. And as Jesus-following Christians, we see LOVE as our mandate. It is our mission! LOVE is what it means to be a Christian in Seattle in a post-COVID world. No question about it.

Because of the pandemic, we are a changed congregation. Several longtime members have passed to their glory. Pandemic guidelines have caused fewer new people to come through our doors. We have seen a significant number of parishioners move out of the area, and we suspect that some people have drifted away from faith (if this is you, I’d LOVE to hear from you).  

I believe we are in a three-year period of rebuilding the congregation. Thankfully, we are well positioned to do this. We have a very strong staff, and we are focused on serving souls, which is our core value. 

We need to stay the course—and because of you we can stay the course, so we must stay the course. No doubt there are difficulties. There are headwinds. There are divisions, anxiety, and consternation within our culture. Nevertheless, we know there are people looking for what we have to offer.  

To meet our mandate to be loving Christians, we must band together and step up financially, if we can. I understand that the economy is giving some people anxiety right now. I get it. But if you have the resources, please be especially generous in your 2023 pledge. 

I believe that by Living Our Values at Epiphany we will not only be a surviving Episcopal Church, but in three years, we will be one of the most thriving Episcopal churches in the United States. I am convinced we are called to be a living cornerstone of our tradition, reflecting its beautiful liturgy, its soul-caring theology, and its dynamic community service. Stand with me as we close the gap between the post-COVID chasm and the promised flourishing of our faith.

I am grateful to you.

Peace upon your soul.

Yours in Christ,


  1. Set up recurring payments from your bank or your credit card at this link.
  2. Make regular payments by cash, check or credit card.
  3. Gift  appreciated stock by transferring to Epiphany’s secure account. Contact Epiphany Business Manager/Accountant, Pam Demian, at for transfer instructions.
  4. Pay directly from your IRA to Epiphany. Depending on your age, you may use your mandatory distribution to pay tax free directly from your IRA account. 
  5. Direct payment from a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF). When choosing this method, make sure that your name is on the check so the business office knows whom to credit.

What is the Annual Appeal?

This is a month-long fundraising campaign in the Fall of the year when parishioners are asked to commit financially to support the mission and programs and staff of their church.

What is a Pledge?

 Each year Epiphany parishioners are asked to make a financial commitment, known as a pledge, to support the operation of our church during the coming year. This pledge affirms your membership at Epiphany and your willingness to do your part to support it. The 2022 operating budget is primarily based on the amount of money pledged through the annual Fall appeal.

What is a Diocesan Assessment?

Epiphany does not receive any money from the Episcopal Church. Epiphany does support the Episcopal Church in Western Washington, known as the Diocese of Olympia, as well as the National Episcopal Church based in New York City. The assessment is based on a proportion of Epiphany’s annual revenue and is used by the broader church for mission work, disaster relief, and in support of struggling congregations in disadvantaged circumstances. 

When does my Pledge have to be paid?

Your pledge may be paid anytime you choose before the end of 2022.  Some make a one-time payment, while others pay at intervals such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly.  

How much should I Pledge?

A pledge is a heartfelt gift of gratitude for the blessings God has bestowed upon you. As scripture so notes: “All things come from thee, O Lord, and of thine own do we give to thee.”  When considering the amount of your pledge, take a minute to assess your household wealth and income, and then make a pledge in proportion to your material blessings. If your future financial situation is uncertain, consider a making a cautious pledge, and then should your income increase, increase your pledge. Your pledge of any amount shows is expression of faithfulness, thanksgiving, and practical support. Every pledge matters irrespective of size.  

A Message from the Treasurer

Here is what your pledge supported last year:

About 84% of the annual revenue at Epiphany comes from the pledges made during the Annual Appeal.  This revenue covers all aspects of Epiphany operations including administration, programs, worship expenses, buildings and grounds, and our diocesan assessment.

2022 Budget Expenses

“Epiphany has been our spiritual home for almost 60 years. Weddings, baptisms, church choir, school, vestry, Search and other committees, have provided our family with opportunities to share and receive the blessings of a supportive, loving community, and a structure of faith based growth and involvement. The development of a strong musical program and increasing  outreach to the broader community is particularly heart -warming .We are happy to be able to share our resources, show our gratitude, and be a part of the stewardship that is necessary to continue and enhance this environment.” – Jim and Barbee Crutcher