Harrowing Of Hell
October 11, 2023

Men’s Retreat Reflections | October 2023

A multigenerational group of approximately 25 men from Epiphany gathered on the first weekend of October at Saint Andrew’s House in Union, WA on the Hood Canal for a weekend of conversation, reflection, and fellowship.

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The retreat was lead by Brother Dennis Gibbs of the Community of Divine Love, an Episcopal monastic community whose monastery is located in San Lui Obispo, CA. Brother Dennis helped create a safe place for attendees to share their vulnerabilities, leading the group through prayer, meditation, and a process of “sacred listening.” Based on reflections on his book, The Gospel Life, the participants reflected on their own marginalization as well as of that of others in their daily lives. They shared deeply and honestly about where they see their own personal challenges in recognizing the Divine in those they encounter as they work to act daily in accord with the challenging commissions of the Kingdom. 

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It wasn’t all hard work and deep soulful inquiry, though. There was plenty of camaraderie, guitars, singing pop songs from the last 50 years, hiking, silly discussions of cultural touchstones, and serious discussions on the differences among scotches and other whiskeys. Participants left the retreat both challenged and renewed. Most importantly, they found support in each other as they seek a way to do their part in bringing about the Kingdom in their daily lives.

Reflection by AJ Alfieri-Crispin