Harrowing Of Hell
August 22, 2023

Men’s Retreat: October 6 – 8

You are invited to join us at the 2023 Men’s Retreat on October 6-8 at beautiful St. Andrew’s House on Hood Canal.  Need convincing?  Here are three terrific reasons to join us at the Men’s Retreat:

  1. 2023 MEN’S RETREAT SPEAKER AND FACILITATOR, BROTHER DENNIS GIBBS.  Brother Dennis Gibbs has a compelling personal story of heartbreak and redemption.  Once a successful Hollywood actor, Brother Dennis wentGibbs through a downward spiral that included addiction, poverty, homelessness and incarceration.  Now a prison chaplain, a gifted speaker, published author and co-director of a restorative justice ministry recently featured in the Los Angeles Times, Brother Dennis has something important to say about second chances and personal change.   (Brother Dennis is also Rev Doyt Conn’s spiritual advisor.). He will push attendees to step outside the box and examine their lives anew.  The theme of this retreat will be the power and discipline of prayer.  The Men’s Retreat is a perfect spot for this kind of discussion.  Don’t miss your chance to experience the gift that is Brother Dennis Gibbs.
  2. ST. ANDREW’S HOUSE RETREAT AND CONFERENCE CENTER – AND ITS BEAUTIFUL, PRISTINE SURROUNDINGS: Owned and operated since 1954 by the Episcopal Church of Western Washington, St. Andrew’s House is a retreat center with comfortable rooms, a log-cabin style wood and stoneStandrewslodge, and spectacular views of the Olympia Mountains.  Last year, Epiphany Men went kayaking on the Hood Canal, biking on trails, hiking in the mountains.  (It is B.Y.O. K.  & B. – Bring Your Own Kayaks & Bikes.) Or you can just relax and reflect in St. Andrew’s stunning grounds and gardens.  The food, created from local growers and cooperatives by Chef Cody is, to quote past retreat attendees, “the stuff of legend.” 
  • THE BEST REASON?  THE MEN WHO ATTEND ARE A GREAT BUNCH OF FELLOWS.  These few days provide MEN an opportunity to get to know new people – as well as a chance to spend quality time with established friends.  It’s the lasting friendships created through a shared experience that will make the men’s retreat worth the time and effort.   

Price: $295, but cost shouldn’t preclude fellows from attending, scholarship funds available.

Availability is limited. Don’t miss out!  Sign up today. Click here to pay.