Harrowing Of Hell
November 5, 2022

Epiphany Conversations with the Rector

Dear Epiphany,

Coming out of this time of lock-down, even as the virus itself still live in our community, people have reemerged in a way that is a bit like resurrection. Things are the same and things are different. Some see it and some don’t. Some have faith in the institutions that had to shut down and some have lost faith. Some have forgotten the habits that they had formerly been in and the positive impact these had on their lives, some don’t. We’re seeing this throughout the city, and a little bit even at Epiphany.

That said, we are super well-positioned to move forward and thrive, and I want to talk about this with you all, so I hope you will join me in the Epiphany Community Conversations. Nathan, our summer Sabbatical priest, started these conversations while I was gone, and I want to continue them. I’ll share with you some of what happened for me during sabbatical, but also talk about what’s happening in our common life right now.

I would love everybody in the parish to be part of this family dialogue. I think you’ll find the experience rewarding.

Our first gathering will be on Tuesday, November 15, from 7:00-8:30 pm. Please RSVP to Diane Carlisle at dcarlisle@epiphanyseattle.org to let us know you are coming.

I hope to see you there, as I hope to see you in church.

Peace upon your soul.

Yours in Christ.