Harrowing Of Hell
January 18, 2022

‘Archbishop Tutu’s Treasured Seattle Connection’ by Joel Connelly

“With the reading of such words, no sermon was needed, although Epiphany’s rector Rev. Doyt Conn, Jr., delivered a delightful and personal welcome. It turned out that Tutu was graduation speaker at Conn’s seminary graduation.  On that same day, Conn found he was to become a father.  He and his wife agreed that, if a boy, the child would be named Desmond.

A few weeks later, in the mail, came a book by Tutu, inscribed by the archbishop to the not-yet-born baby. “To this day,” said Conn, “it remains a mystery to me how, who, arranged for this to happen.” A few moments later, a tall young man named Desmond Conn took to the pulpit and read from Tutu’s “God Has a Dream””


Our thanks to Joel Connelly for this moving piece on Sunday’s Tutu Memorial, weaving reflections on our service with the Archbishop’s connection to Seattle.