Harrowing Of Hell
October 12, 2020

Annual Appeal 2021

Dear Epiphany,
The role of the church in these shifting, divisive, anxiety-provoking times is TO BE. To be church. To be the loving community. It is our duty to be here – more than a leader, or a moral arbitrator, or an advocate, or instigator – but as a permanent spiritual center of gravity. This is our role in society, and it is more necessary than ever before.
There are three arms of a church that, when spinning well, create the centripetal force that gives gravitational pull to a place:
  • first, as a spiritual gym, where we practice the exercises that form our character;
  • second, as a place of study, where we learn the principles of the Kingdom of God;
  • third, as a place of gathering, where we are known, supported, and loved for a lifetime.

Within these three categories Epiphany is thriving, thanks to you.

Part of the particular charisma of Epiphany is to call out the prophetic unfolding of the Age of the Holy Spirit. God is doing a new thing in the world. The image for what is happening is Epiphany gently sitting inside a bubble that is flying through the universe at supersonic speed. We are still and peaceful even as we are speeding toward God’s new vision for the church.
To be, to be vital, and to be still in the midst of rapid change is Epiphany’s role, but we can only be who we are because of you. Epiphany is all of us. Our vitality is because each one of you makes the decision that it should be so, and so it is.
In 2021 your participation and financial support to Epiphany is more important than ever before. Some of you will be less able to contribute financially this coming year, so we need others of you to step up and give more abundantly than you have in the past. This is critically necessary if we are to continue to thrive as a church community. Everyone giving to their ability, everyone contributing according to their capacity.

I am convinced that if every single one of you makes a pledge that reflects the riches and gifts God has bestowed upon you, Epiphany will be even more able to serve, with vitality and grace, this anxious world. I am counting on you. And I remain hopeful and devoted.

Thank you,
and peace upon your souls.