Harrowing Of Hell

Margie Einstein


Belonging to a community of faith has been important to Margie for her entire life. Margie was baptized a Lutheran, confirmed an Episcopalian and married a cradle Episcopalian. Margie and her husband, Al  raised their  family at Emmanuel Mercer Island where she was involved in many aspects of parish and diocesan life. After moving to Madison Park, Epiphany became their spiritual home. Her professional background is in Food Science and Biochemistry. She has held a variety of scientific positions in industry and government as well as serving as principal in a business providing food technology consulting to regional and national companies. Margie is Epiphany’s Stewardship chair and assists Doyt with various stewardship activities including the organization of the Annual Appeal.  Now retired, when Margie is not participating and volunteering at Epiphany, she keeps busy with eight grandchildren, gardening and playing tennis.