Harrowing Of Hell

The Reverend Dr. Peter Strimer

Assisting Priest

The Reverend Dr. Peter Strimer joined Epiphany quarter time in July of 2019; he assists with education and pastoral care.

Peter is the retired rector of Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Seattle, where he experienced all the challenges and joys of a 350-household parish with a vibrant children and youth ministry as well as a Center for Healing, Community, and Lifelong Learning.

Following his Masters of Divinity program at Berkeley College at Yale University, Peter’s ministry began as Associate Rector of Trinity, Columbus, Ohio where he served as the outreach and youth pastor. He then ran the Hunger Network in Ohio while completing the course work for a PhD in Communication.

During Peter’s time at Epiphany he teaches children’s sermons and adult classes such as Epiphany such as The History of the Book of Common Prayer and A Popular History of the Episcopal Church. When not enjoying the Pacific Northwest Peter spends the other months in the sunshine state of Florida.