Service Opportunities

Service to one another is an expression of God’s love

The expression of God’s love through service happens in many ways at Epiphany. We feed and house the homeless; we fill and fund food banks, and we help people find homes. We also teach, and we create opportunities for the shared worship of God. The genesis for all service at Epiphany Parish comes through the energy of individuals seeking to live into God’s vision for creation. Learn more about our Service & Outreach ministries and partnerships in this video presentation from Have a Heart 2021.

Epiphany’s service and outreach work always happens in relationship with community partners. We see what they’re doing, and we ask them how we can help. In this way we respond to the communities’ needs.


Deliver Produce to The Food Bank At The East Cherry YWCA

When: Wednesday mornings
Time Commitment: About 2 hours, depending on where you live.
Parish volunteers pick up cases of fresh produce and eggs from MacPherson’s Fruit and Produce on Beacon Hill and deliver it to the Central Area Food Bank at the East Cherry branch of the YWCA in Madrona. The typical order fits in the average station wagon, SUV, or even a small hatchback such as a Prius. This food is purchased with money parishioners give to the Hunger Basket each Sunday as they go to the altar for communion. For more information, contact Holly Boone at


Welcome guests to Epiphany’s Friday night men’s shelter (with Operation Nightwatch)

When: Friday nights
Time Commitment: Friday, 8:30 pm–Saturday, 8 am
Every Friday night, eight men in need of a safe place to sleep are welcomed to bunk down in Epiphany’s Christie House Library. Our guests arrive by van from the Operation Nightwatch Dispatch Center and help set up the sleeping area and clean up the next morning. Two parish men serve as overnight hosts and sleep on site. For more information, contact Terry Carlisle at


Prepare A Hot Meal for Unhoused Young People with Teen Feed

When: Fourth Thursday of the month
Time Commitment: From 6–8:30 pm
Every fourth Thursday, Epiphany’s Teen Feed crew gathers at a church kitchen in the University District to cook our famous enchiladas for young people currently experiencing homelessness. For more information, contact Ann Beck at


Prep A YWCA Apartment for The Next Family

When: Last Saturday of most months
Time Commitment: 9 am–noon
Families new to the YWCA’s transitional housing find a warm, clean, inviting space, thanks to Epiphany’s volunteer cleaners and decorators. We furnish the apartments with donations from parishioners and stock them with basic supplies, including books and toys which the residents can keep when they leave. It’s a lot of fun and makes a great family project.
For more information, contact Ann Beck at

American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ)

This organization is dedicated to the support of institutions in the Holy Land that serve underserved populations through the Archbishop of Jerusalem. Epiphany parishioners on pilgrimage visit some of the institutions we support financially every two years.


Haiti Micah Project

Haiti Micah Project is an organization that helps destitute kids in Mirebalais, Haiti. Epiphany provides financial support for their strategic focus on three primary programs: The Year-long Feeding Program, the School Assistance Program, and the Trade School Program.


The Compass Rose Society

The Compass Rose Society supports the work of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Communion. Founded in 1994 at the Old Palace in Canterbury, the Society has become an important financial resource to the Anglican Communion, as well as valuable voice in communicating the news of the work of the Communion, helping to maintain and improve worldwide harmony.


Nicolás Fund for Education

Epiphany’s support of Nicolás Fund for Education (NFE) continues a relationship with the Guatemalan village of Belén, which our parish sponsored through Seattle’s Agros Foundation in the years 2006–2011. Epiphany provides scholarships for several Belén students to attend NFE’s Nicolás Christian School in the nearby town of Nebaj.



Founded in Jerusalem in 2002, Kids4Peace is a global, grassroots movement of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim youth dedicated to ending conflict and inspiring hope in Jerusalem and other divided societies around the world. Its programs nurture interfaith communities that embody a culture of respect for all people, preparing youth to be agents of change and influential leaders for peace.

For more information on international partnerships, contact Holly Boone at

Worship is central to life at Epiphany Parish. We call worship “liturgy,” which means, in Greek, “the work of the people.” And so we work together, to worship God, by each taking on a particular role in worship. Roles include:



Lectors are lay people who participate in the reading of the lessons at the Sunday morning services and at other special services. A lector can be anyone high school age and older who can read in a clear manner that can be understood by the congregation, who has a desire to participate in this ministry, and who has the approval of the clergy.


Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic ministers are lay people authorized to administer the consecrated bread and wine at a celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Confirmed communicants 18 years and older are licensed by the Diocese to serve as Eucharistic ministers. At Epiphany, they participate in leading the prayers of the people and serving communion. They serve at the Sunday morning services and at other special services during the year.


Eucharistic Visitors

Licensed by the Diocese, these lay people take communion directly from the service to parishioners who are confined to home or hospitalized and who are unable to attend church.



Acolyting is open to anyone in fifth grade or up. Acolytes assist the clergy during worship services in a variety of ways: bearing torches, carrying a processional cross, carrying the Gospel, and assisting during communion.



Ushers welcome all who attend services, assist with the offertory, and manage the logistics of the communion lines.


Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is primarily responsible for preparing the table for the celebration of Holy Eucharist. These lay people work behind the scenes setting up for the Eucharist and taking care of the linens, the vessels, and all the other sacred objects used during our worship services. In addition, the beautiful flowers on our altar are prepared weekly by members of the Altar Guild.

If you are interested in participating in any of these ministries or want more information, please contact Diane Carlisle at

Teaching and formation at Epiphany Parish are about understanding the fundamental framework for how to live as taught to the world by Jesus Christ. Our teachers are priests, parishioners, guest lecturers, and others — those with expertise and those seeking to deepen their own understanding of Christianity by studying, preparing, and teaching some facet of it. The following list includes opportunities to volunteer in teaching and formation:


Sunday Forum Facilitators

Our Sunday morning Everybody Hour Forums for adults are very often facilitated by parishioners who have knowledge of certain topics, theological training, or a passion for an issue. Your ideas for formation series are always welcome. Contact The Rev. Ruth Anne Garcia at


Teach Children at Sunday School

The core charism needed to be a Sunday school teacher at Epiphany is the willingness to give energy and passion to teaching young people about Jesus. Teacher training is offered and curriculum and materials are supplied for class preparation. Teachers are asked to commit to as much time as they can give, spanning from a few times a month, to a several week unit, to a more expansive period of time. Contact Naomi Woodrum at


Hang Out with The Youth Group

Youth Group has two groups, middle-school and high-school. One of the most important relationships teenagers can have is with an adult that is not their parent, so consider showing up to youth group on Sunday nights a couple times a month. Contact Naomi Woodrum at