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Member Directory

Join our online community

Being in the online directory means that other Realm users at Epiphany can see your profile listed when they click Directory in the main menu. Think of it like being in the printed directory booklet that we used to publish. 



To access the directory login to Realm ( Once you are logged in select Directory on the left side of your screen.

Member Directory 1 


Opting-In to the Directory 

To opt-in to the directory or manage specific information that you would like to be visible to others, you’ll need to change your privacy settings. Log in to Realm and select manage privacy to the right of your name.

Member Directory 2



Manage Privacy

If you select Anyone in the church, the directory will display your primary contact information and information from your profile which includes birth month & day, gender, marital status and any skills and interests you have selected.

What is Custom Privacy? Custom privacy allows you to select who sees what information your profile.


Member Directory 3